If you’re an adventurous traveler, who visits places to get the chance to see a country for what it truly is, then Bangladesh should be your next destination. A country that embraces its tradition, culture and does not hold anything back. Filled with fascinating friendly people and beautiful natural sceneries. A trip to this country will certainly open your eyes to a whole other world.

Organising a Visa

In the www.gov.uk it states you’ll need a visa to enter Bangladesh, available from the Bangladesh High Commission in London. Visa extensions are also available at the Department of Immigration and Passport of Bangladesh.

Tipping in Bangladesh

Tipping is not so common in Bangladesh, but it is on the rise in the more popular tourist areas.

Tipping in Restaurants
Many restaurants include a service charge in the final bill. However, there are smaller restaurants where the service charge is not included. A tip from 5% – 10% of the bill is a solid way to show your appreciation to the staff, you can choose to leave the tip on the table or hand it directly to the staff.

Tipping in Hotels
Unlike many hotels, tipping in the hotels of Bangladesh isn’t obligatory, but again if you believe you received a good customer service don’t be afraid to whip out the wallet, 50 – 60 Takas (near 50 – 60p) is good enough to show your gratification.

Hotel bellboys (people who carry your luggage’s) have fairly low wages so you can tip them about 20 – 30 Takas for their assistance.

Places to Visit

Cox Bazaar
A definite place to hit up when in Bangladesh is Cox Bazar Beach. One of the world’s longest beaches; sunrises and sunsets in the same place which is absolutely beautiful. It is ranked as #1 out of 16 things to do in Cox Bazar on Tripadvisor.

Dhaka in one day
If you want a good experience of Bangladesh’s capital, the Dhaka in One Day tour package is a must get! Prices start from £67.00, in it, you have the chance to cover many of the popular sights, your guide will feed you knowledge about the Bangladeshi culture as well as the vibrant present of the Dhaka. You can also customise the package to suit your own needs.

What to Eat

Eating is one of the best things to do, ever. Going to Bangladesh for its food is a compelling enough reason for visiting the country.


A spicy lentil soup made of wheat, barley, meat (usually mutton), different types of lentils, spices and sometimes rice is involved. It is slowly cooked for seven to eight hours and is very popular in Bangladesh and it’s a dish you should not miss out on when visiting Bangladesh!


This is said to be the most popular street food in Bangladesh, it is packed with unique spicy, sour, crispy taste. It consists of a hallow puri crisp filled with a mixture of flavoured tamarind chutney, chilli, chaat masala potato and chick peas. Has a tangy, sweet and spicy taste.

Cost of a Flight Ticket 
A flight to Bangladesh from the UK isn’t cheap at all, however, the more advance you book the cheaper of course. A cost of a ticket per person to Bangladesh’s capital; Dhaka currently has a starting cost of £860- £880.


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