A well-crafted menu was certainly a priority for us, it addresses Mama’s main necessity: our food, the objective was to excite you the customer, adding to that all-round pleasurable experience when ordering and eating our goods!

The most common colours in Mama’s brand are green, orange, red and yellow. These are arguably the deepest hues found within the Indian subcontinent countries, truly and equally aiming to represent most of Southern Asia.

Going back in history (before the 1900’s) there was no country segregation in South Asia, the whole land was known as India. The diverse climate in the region, ranging from deep tropical to alpine also not to forget extensive intermingling and immigration through many millennia had significantly influenced the cookery in India.


Food became a strong social identity for India. Even years after when some of its regions slowly began to segregate, the core cuisines of the Indian subcontinent remained intact amongst many of the segregated countries. One big reason why we have the word ‘Indian Takeaway’ in our name and not South Asian Takeaway.

By starting up Mama’s Indian Takeaway, Mr. Malik aims to keep the food of his home land remain and at the same time grow in terms popularity when delivering a truly authentic South Asian Cuisine to our customers, so you can somewhat nearly experience South Asia without actually being there.

Passionate about our cooking and historical roots, when you order from our specially crafted menu, expect to get a genuine taste of South Asia delivered to your homes!